*COVID-19 Limit Exposure*

‼️⚠️ Attention Valued Customers ⚠️‼️

Emory Livestock Auction, Inc./Athens Commission Company, Inc. intends to continue to operate our sales as normal. We enjoy our interactions with our customers, however given the COVID-19 concerns we ask that you please minimize the time you spend at our market to decrease any exposure risk. We are asking that you only come in the sale arena if you intend to be a buyer and try to come alone to limit the number of people within the sale arena. Our staff will be available to unload your consignments just as normal; we will be available to check in and unload your livestock so that you may return home to limit any potential exposure. We also intend to keep our normal office hours for check pick up, as the postal service may also be utilized. If you’re feeling ill or have any symptoms of illness please remain home. We do offer cattle catching/pick up/delivery as well. We do value all our customers and will address any concerns as needed. Please continue to check our website and FB for all info as we tread through this health crisis. We appreciate your continued business and cooperation while we try to put the health and safety of our employees, buyers & local sellers first. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us:

Athens Office: 903.675.3333——Emory Office: 903.473.2512
Bryan Forester: 903.477.0328— Brad Forester: 903.477.8013
Bubba Forester: 903.681.3877— Don Forester: 903.677.7904

Hauling/penning needs contact: Michael Brimer 903.269.8920–OR–Kyle Forester 903.477.0281