Contact Info

South of Town (Emory) on State Hwy 19
620 S. Texas St.
Emory, TX 75440
Mailing Information:
PO Box 522
Emory, TX 75440
Office Staff:
Kim Forester Haupt, Office Manager
Amanda Butler, Bookkeeper
Office: (903) 473-2512
Fax: (903) 473-4366
All penning and hauling needs please contact:
Bryan Forester 903-477-0328   
Bubba Forester 903-681-3877
Michael Brimer 903-269-8920
Jack Robinson 903-850-2681

Veterinary Staff on Sale Day:
Kevin Bankston, DVM
Scott Vancil, DVM
Cow Doc Veterinary Services

Emory, TX 75440